About Donnette Hill Walto

Donnette Hill Walto passionately guides women and teenaged girls for greater connection to their deeper selves.   


Donnette is a healer, teacher, and nature lover.  She was raised on a small farm in Maine and grew up attuned to the flows of land and seasons.  Twenty years spent living and working overseas also gives her personal experience with the land and peoples of Eastern and Southern Africa as well as the Middle East.  

During her time overseas Donnette experienced poor health and work-related trauma.  A friend recommended yoga and energy work.  She slowly began to heal from the emotional and physical stress.  Yoga became a lifelong passion.


Donnette is no stranger to transitions: she moved 15 times during her adulthood to various countries, towns and houses, navigating languages, house nesting with two young daughters, schools, work and home life.  During each of these moves, Donnette drew on her teachings from her yoga and energy healing work to support her family and other women who had similar situations.  The teachings naturally found their way to children;  as Donnette’s own children grew, so too grew the classes for girls, leading to work with teen-aged girls.  


Donnette lives in the Western Hudson Valley, teaching and leading women in private sessions as well as in groups and small, personal retreats.  


Deep healing comes from connecting to and living with our genuine selves, in all of our glorious, and sometimes not so glorious, life phases. Through her work with yoga, meditation, art, journaling, energy work, sound healing, and Mother Earth connections, Donnette gently and compassionately guides this process for each woman through classes, workshops and individualized sessions.  


Donnette is a certified Yoga Therapist, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, an Usui Reiki Master, a Holographic Sound Healer, a Moon Mother, and the proud mother of two daughters, who have been two of her greatest teachers.  



I attended several yoga classes searching for something, but I knew I had found it after my 1st class with Donnette.  I was new and intimidated and Donnette made me feel comfortable.  She takes the time to teach poses so that I have a good foundation.  I leave feeling I’ve gotten a good workout, have serenity and a sense of peace, yet invigorated.


Anne Ruskowski,

Bethesda, MD

I wanted to reach out with some words for you...specifically about the circle that I attended in your treehouse.  "I felt this powerful female camaraderie in the circle.  There was a respectful curiosity. Being one of women in many positions of the cycle, young, mother and crone, listening and sharing experiences, laughing and holding silence, imbued me with a tranquil sense of being a part of a tribe, where we could all be teachers and all be students for each other.

A lovely and refreshing 

dynamic from the usually 

encouraged competition and excused cattiness."


 Kendra Jane,


I have been doing yoga for more than 20 years, and have had many yoga teachers around the world, some more skilled than others. 

I can say with utmost confidence that Donnette is the “real deal.”  She is extremely well qualified and trained, and is good at and truly enjoys teaching yoga.  She is a born yoga teacher!  


 Debbie Banda, 

Bethesda, MD