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Women's Circles 


Grey Timber Wolf

Call of the Wild:

Messages from Animal Guides 

A Monthly Circle of Community, Interconnectedness and Guidance for Women

Nothing quite chills our bones like the sound of a wolf howling.  It conjures up deep fears from myths and stories we've been told about wolves since childhood.


Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Lon Po Po, The Little House in the Big Woods.  


All of them portray the BIG BAD WOLF.  


These stories and more helped to eradicate the wolf from many parts of its natural habitat here in the United States.  The wolf's re-introduction induces fear to this day. Yet we have much to learn from watching wolves.  Their family dynamics are amongst the most loving and nurturing it the animal kingdom.  

Did you know different howls have different meanings?  Each with it's own emotion and and resonance.   Each action purposeful and full of teachings for their young and indeed to keep the pack safe and working as a healthy community.


 What if you could discern what message the wolf has for you iis and how it might apply to you when you hear it? How might your thoughts about wolves, about your own life shift?  


Does it make you curious?  



Eastern Spotted Newt (Salamander)

In this 9 month circle we will explore various North American animals, looking at their habitats, how they live in accordance to nature, and how they have adapted around humans.  We will learn about myths and stories.  

Sitting in meditation we will listen with our hearts to hear any messages they may have for us.  We  will use our powers of observance and deep inner wisdom as we awaken to the calls of the animal beings around us. 

Each month we will meet in circle for 90 minutes via Zoom where we will delve into these explorations.  All participants will have access to recorded sessions (helpful if you miss one or if you want to connect to the meditations again during the month).  

You will also be invited to join a private Facebook page where we can share our experiences during the month with the respective guides.

We will create our own deck of Animal Guide cards that you can use to support your own growth and learning with.  

Each circle will meet on the Fourth Wednesday of Each Month

via Zoom

(Zoom link and specific circle information will be sent upon registration and payment.)


Start Date:  February 23, 2021


7:00 - 8:30PM EST


  • 1 Time Payment for Full Program:  $225 per person;

    • due Feb. 20

  • 3 Monthly Payments of $85:  

    • to be paid by Feb. 20; May 20; and Sept. 23

  • Drop In Session:   $33;  paid two days before each session.




This is an inclusive program, open to all who identify as female.  Please contact me with any questions.

DATES for 2022:

Feb 23               Jul 27

Mar 23               Aug - No Session

Apr 27               Sep 28

May 25              Oct 26

June 30 *           Nov 30*

*Note- 5th Wednesday of June

*5th Wednesday of Nov - Last Session

Allow the Call of the Wild to touch your heart and connect you to a deeper knowing of your inner self.  

Circle is full at this time.
Please check back again for the next opening.

Bald Eagle

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