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Grey Timber Wolf

Call of the Wild:

Messages from Animal Guides 

A Monthly Circle of Community, Listening and Honoring

Nothing quite chills our bones like the sound of a wolf howling.  It conjures up deep fears from myths and stories we've been told about wolves since childhood.


Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Lon Po Po, The Little House in the Big Woods.  


All of them portray the BIG BAD WOLF.  


These stories and more helped to eradicate the wolf from many parts of its natural habitat here in the United States.  The wolf's re-introduction induces fear to this day. Yet we have much to learn from watching wolves.  Their family dynamics are amongst the most loving and nurturing it the animal kingdom.  

Did you know different howls have different meanings?  Each with it's own emotion and and resonance.   Each action purposeful and full of teachings for their young and indeed to keep the pack safe and working as a healthy community.


 What if you could discern what message the wolf has for you iis and how it might apply to you when you hear it? How might your thoughts about wolves, about your own life shift?  


Does it make you curious?  


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